Introducing Travel Pod

Travel Pod is a company that provides customers with a way to make communication more efficient between people with language barriers. We sell an ergonomic earpiece that instantly translates foreign languages into the wearer’s native language. We aim to sell this product primarily to tourists and businessmen. This will make conversations feel more natural, as it is translated in real time. This product will also eliminate the need for third party translators.

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Mission Statement

Travel Pod aims to make traveling easier for our customers by making communication with people who speak different languages more natural and easy. We hope to change how people travel and how often they travel, and help bridge gaps between different cultures. 

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Our target market

Our target market is people who enjoy traveling and would like to better communicate with other people in different languages.
No matter the age or gender this product is available to those in need.


Disclaimer: This product must be used in accordance with the instructions provided with the package of the product. This product is used for translation and must not be used any other way.